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2022 GROB apprentices begin with orientation and signing day

On June 4 GROB Systems Inc. held an orientation and signing day for its newest class of apprentices. Forty-one apprentices and their families were invited to the Bluffton manufacturing plant event at 1070 Navajo Dr. The event prepared them for their first day of work on June 13 and gave everyone a chance to tour the facility where GROB produces universal (5-axis) machining centers that are used by high-precision industries including automotive, medical, aerospace, mold and die.

Several of the apprentices are from Bluffton and the surrounding area. The Icon met with three at the event: Kaden Basil, Kaiden Short and Kyler Kinn. In this signing group, GROB has new apprentices from 25 high schools and six career centers.

Kinn told the Icon that it was his sister's experience as an apprentice at GROB that first interested him in the program. His parents Amy and Mike said that "it's a great opportunity for them. They finish without any college debt." The orientation provided an opportunity for the new employees and their families to ask questions and to see the facility where the apprentices will be working and learning.

In the fall, the apprentices will attend Rhodes State College in Lima where they can earn a company-paid Associates Degree in the Engineering Technology program. They are paid their GROB hourly wage while attending class two days a week. The other three days, apprentices receive job-specific training at GROB. The apprentices sign 4-year contracts with the company that includes the two years of schooling.

Apprentices eventually specialize in either mechanical or electrical work. Specialization can include robotics, CNC machines, computer aided drafting and design, assembly and test equipment, and total flexible manufacturing networks.

Additional information about the program can be found HERE and a 3-D tour is HERE.

The GROB apprenticeship program has roots in Germany, where the company was founded and has its headquarters. GROB also has plants in Brazil, China and Italy.


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